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We have parked 70,000+ cars at Heathrow airport, and maintain the highest standards of our services.


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With years of experience in the industry, we have never beaten on prices. We offer the best parking solution at economical rates.


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The whole process will take 5 - 10 minutes. Get a quote, select the best parking option, and book in a few steps on our website.

About Heathrow Terminal 2

Our Meet and Greet service is thoughtfully designed for Terminal 2, ensuring a seamless parking experience right at the terminal entrance. Bid farewell to the complexities of finding a parking spot. Our skilled chauffeurs await you at the terminal, taking charge of your vehicle, and guaranteeing a stress-free departure or arrival.

Experience travel like never before by eliminating parking-related stress. Our Meet and Greet service grants you direct access to the terminal, where our dedicated team handles everything. Whether you're pressed for time or keen on a swift transition, this service assures a seamless experience, allowing you to concentrate on your journey.


Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 Parking

Experience travel like never before by eliminating parking-related stress. We strategically designed our Heathrow Terminal 2 Parking, to meet the potential needs of our passengers. Our Meet and Greet service grants you direct terminal access, where our dedicated team manages all the intricacies for you.

Pre-book with us, and get a more than 60% discount. Call us around 10 minutes before reaching the terminal’s check-in point, and our well-trained chauffeur will be waiting for you.

Give him your car keys, and let him handle the rest. Our Heathrow Terminal 2 Parking lots are closest to the terminal and drivers handle your ride with maximum care. You will not even have to find a parking space.

With over a decade of experience in providing Heathrow Parking Terminal 2, we have become a company with industry experts. With our price check guarantee, and easy cancellation and amendment procedures, you can be sure that you can always change your parking details according to your travel plans.

Our Premium Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 Parking Options

We are offering two most famous parking spots at Heathrow Terminal 2 and both of them are affordable, closest to the airport, and convenient. With our 60% pre-booking discount, you can be sure about the rates and you will never have to pay more than required. We have maximum security concerns at all of the parking at Heathrow Terminal 2 making sure that your car will remain safe while you are away.

Meet and Greet Heathrow Airport Terminal 2

Other Heathrow Terminal 2 Parking services require shuttle buses to reach the terminal, but Meet and Greet do not. All because of the cost-effectiveness and convenience, around 70% of the travellers use this parking. You will not even have to find a parking spot.

Because of its popularity, we highly recommend that you pre-book your parking spot in advance. This will not only give you a 60% discount but also save you the hassle of finding a Terminal 2 Heathrow parking spot on the day of your departure.

After you pre-book, you have to call the number you will be given on an online booking confirmation receipt, around 10 minutes before arriving at the terminal. Once we know about your estimated arrival time, we will send our insured chauffeur to meet you at the drop-off location, and you will get to our Heathrow airport parking terminal 2.

Before doing anything else, just take a picture of your car’s speedometer to remember the total distance that you have covered in your car. This will help you later on to make sure that your car is only used to navigate between the Heathrow Terminal 2 Parking lot and the terminal.

Then, you have to give your car keys to the driver and let him handle the rest of the responsibilities. He will take your car to the closely located parking Terminal 2 Heathrow, while you breeze through the airport check-in.

When you land back at the terminal from your trip, you will have to call us again and we will bring your car back to you in 10 minutes. We offer a no-wait guarantee during both pickup and drop-off times. Now, you must be worried about the capabilities of our chauffeur and how he will handle your car.

As we are a Park Mark and British Parking Association-approved company, our drivers are insured and well-trained as per the authority's requirements. Also, they have to go through a complete background check, and we always take certain sureties from the previous companies they have worked in.

Valet Parking at Heathrow Terminal 2

Valet Parking is just like Meet and Greet but only differs in a small but game-changing factor. When our driver takes your car, he will park it at the nearest and your pre-booked Car Parking Terminal 2 Heathrow.

When you arrive back, you will not get your car in the same aesthetics and condition as you handed it over. Instead, our staff and team will wash your car from top to bottom, dry it, vacuum clean the interior, and place our complimentary air freshener in the dashboard.

Sometimes when a passenger gets back from a long trip, their car might get a bit dusty because of surrounding environmental factors. But with this Heathrow Terminal 2 Parking, you will receive your car in a new condition.

Experience the convenience and affordability of the Cheapest Heathrow Parking Terminal 2 service. We offer secure and hassle-free parking right at Terminal 2, ensuring your journey begins stress-free. Our cost-effective rates make your travel budget-friendly, while our top-notch facilities provide peace of mind. Trust us for a seamless start to your trip.

How do I avail the Meet and Greet service at Terminal 2?

Availing our Meet and Greet service at Terminal 2 is simple. When making your booking on our website, select the Meet and Greet option. Our professional chauffeurs will be alerted, ensuring a seamless experience from the terminal entrance to your vehicle.

Is the Meet and Greet service at Terminal 2 available round the clock?

Yes, our Meet and Greet service at Terminal 2 operates 24/7, offering you a reliable parking solution no matter when your flight departs or arrives.

Can I use the On-Airport parking option for a longer trip?

While our On-Airport parking is ideally suited for short stays due to its proximity, if you're planning an extended journey, we recommend considering our Meet and Greet service for secure parking and shuttle service.

Is there a time limit for using the Drop Off Parking service?

Our Meet and Greet service for swift drop-offs at Terminal 2 ensures you can swiftly hand over your vehicle. However, we recommend checking our booking terms for specific time limits to make the most of this convenient service.

Can I modify my pre-booked parking reservation for Terminal 2?

Yes, you can easily modify your booking details online. Whether your travel plans change or you require adjustments, our website offers a user-friendly way to manage your reservation. Please check our booking terms for any modification deadlines.


Heathrow Airport Terminal 2, is a major hub for international travellers. Navigating your way to Terminal 2 is made easy with clear directions from various cardinal points.

From the North:

If you are approaching Heathrow Airport from the North, your primary route is likely to involve the M25 motorway. Take the M25 Southbound and follow the marked signs for Heathrow Airport. As you approach the airport, pay attention to the signage specifically directing you to Terminal 2. Follow the signs to ensure a smooth journey to the terminal.

From the South:

For travellers coming from the South, the M25 motorway is again a key route. Head Northbound on the M25, and as you approach Heathrow, follow the prominent signs directing you to the airport. Once within the airport complex, continue following the signs specifically guiding you to Terminal 2 for a hassle-free arrival.

From the East:

If your journey takes you from the East, the M4 motorway is a common route. Head west on the M4, and as you approach Heathrow, be attentive to signs leading you into the airport complex. Once inside, follow the dedicated signage guiding you to Terminal 2, ensuring a straightforward and efficient drive.

From the West:

Travellers approaching Heathrow Airport from the West will likely use the M4 motorway. Head east on the M4, and as you approach the airport, follow the well-marked signs directing you to the airport complex. Once inside, navigate toward Terminal 2 by following the designated signs, allowing for a seamless journey to your departure point.

Heathrow Airport provides a comprehensive network of roadways and signage, making it accessible from various directions. Following the clear directions based on your point of origin ensures a smooth and stress-free arrival at Terminal 2, setting the stage for a positive travel experience.

Heathrow Airport Terminal 2

Before Terminal 4 of Heathrow was developed, Terminal 2 was the main international terminal of Heathrow Airport. It is also the oldest terminal, opened in 1955, and Queen Elizabeth II attended the ceremony. That is why it is also known as Queen’s Terminal.

Terminal 2 underwent several renovations and expansions to keep up with the growing demands of air travel. However, by the early 21st century, it had become outdated and could not provide the modern facilities and services required by travellers.

In 2010, a major redevelopment project was initiated to replace the ageing Terminal 2 with a new, state-of-the-art facility. This project aimed to create a modern and efficient terminal that could handle a significant portion of Heathrow's passenger traffic.

The whole terminal is designed with a beautiful style. It featured a combination of glass, steel, and other materials to create a bright and welcoming atmosphere. 

There are three levels of this terminal building. The first level has check-in counters for various airlines, security checkpoints, and departure lounges. Passengers can check-in procedures, go through security, and access various services and amenities before their flights.

After arriving at Heathrow, passengers can exit their aircraft and go through immigration and customs procedures on this level. Baggage claim and other arrival services are also available.

The mezzanine level provides access to additional services, including shops, restaurants, and lounges. It is a hub for retail and dining options, allowing passengers to relax and shop before their flights.

Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 Facilities

Heathrow Airport Terminal 2, also known as the Queen's Terminal, offers a host of facilities that elevate the travel experience for passengers. One notable benefit is the terminal's emphasis on passenger well-being, with numerous lounges providing comfortable seating, calming atmospheres, and a range of amenities. The carefully curated lounge experience allows travellers to unwind and recharge, fostering a sense of relaxation before their journey. This focus on passenger comfort not only transforms the waiting time into a positive part of the travel experience but also enhances overall well-being, contributing to a more pleasant and stress-free journey.

Additionally, Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport boasts an impressive array of dining options, showcasing diverse culinary experiences that cater to various tastes and dietary preferences. Beyond the mere provision of food, the benefits lie in the opportunity for passengers to indulge in a gastronomic journey, trying regional and international cuisines in an airport environment. This culinary diversity not only satisfies hunger but transforms the dining experience into a delightful exploration, contributing to the overall enjoyment of the travel process. In essence, Terminal 2's focus on passenger well-being and culinary diversity turns the airport experience into a positive and enriching aspect of the entire travel journey.


Discover a world of delicious dining at Heathrow Airport Terminal 2! Whether you're a food lover or just want a tasty meal before your trip, Terminal 2 has something for everyone. From global dishes to local favourites, the restaurants here are designed to make your dining experience special. Each eatery brings not just good food, but a mix of flavours, a nice atmosphere, and great service. So, dive into the diverse food scene at Terminal 2, where every restaurant is like a tasty adventure, making your time at the airport a yummy part of your journey.

The following restaurants are currently serving at Heathrow Terminal 2:

  • Caffè Nero

  • Caviar House & Prunier

  • Co-Pilots Bar and Kitchen

  • Costa

  • Pret A Manger

  • Star Light

  • The Commission

  • The Prince of Wales

Shopping at Terminal 2

Shopping adventure at Heathrow Airport Terminal 2  is no less than visiting a waterpark, where an array of renowned brands awaits travellers. From fashion to accessories, luxury to essentials, Terminal 2 offers a diverse and exciting shopping experience. 

Whether you're looking for the latest trends from Burberry, designer eyewear from Gucci and Tom Ford, or exquisite jewellery from Cartier and Bulgari, the shopping landscape at Terminal 2 caters to all tastes and preferences. Additionally, explore well-known names such as Boots, Hamleys, and WHSmith for travel essentials and unique finds. 

Duty-free shopping at World Duty-Free and the exclusive collection of timepieces at Watches of Switzerland further enhance the retail offerings, making Heathrow Terminal 2 not just a departure point but a shopping destination that adds a touch of indulgence to your journey. So, immerse yourself in the world of renowned brands and diverse retail experiences as you traverse through the shopping haven of Terminal 2.

The Following shopping options are available for the passengers: 

  • Accessorize

  • Boots

  • Bottega Veneta

  • Bulgari

  • Burberry

  • Cartier

  • Case

  • Caviar House and Prunier

  • Excess Baggage Company

  • Fendi

  • Gucci

  • Hamleys

  • World of Whiskies

  • World Duty-Free

  • Watches of Switzerland

  • WHSmith

  • Travelex

  • Tom Ford

  • Ted Baker

  • Sunglass Hut

  • Smythson

  • Sim Local

The Heathrow Airport Terminals are supported by all the necessary facilities that the passengers may need during their time at the airport. Millions of travellers every year enjoy these amazing experiences to make their trip memorable. 

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